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Production & Costing


Project Production


As the first step in any project we produce a translation brief for our writers based on our client’s requirements. This will cover such basic elements as presentation and text formatting as well as the timescale for translation. Where necessary this is expanded to include such aspects as the intended audience for each piece of work as well as the expected level of technical expertise. Our translators are instructed to consult us on any problems they anticipate in rendering texts fluently in the target language.


As all translation work is produced out-house by qualified freelance nationals, we are equipped to handle projects in a wide variety of language combinations. Our writers are tried and tested professionals working exclusively in their native language. We stipulate that all our writers have appropriate academic qualifications as well as relevant industrial experience and creative writing skills. Following translation, texts are verified in-house by Smallworld before return.


Where appropriate we generate a glossary of common terms for checking by the client prior to commencing work. This way we can obtain the key terms vital for a successful outcome to any translation project. This glossary is used in conjunction with any existing reference materials which have been approved and published, as these are invaluable as an indicator of preferred terminology and style.


All work is returned to us within the deadline for in-house checking. Where necessary we use a further national to put the various elements of the project into place. We also reformat the text as necessary for consistency of presentation.


All texts are supplied electronically in either Mac or PC format.


Costing & Timing


We prefer to quote all work on sight of copy but we are very competitive whether your requirement is for a one page letter or 1000 page user manual.


Deadlines and delivery details are also confirmed at the beginning of any project.


Prices are based on a per 1000 word count of the original text, considerably less than the per line rate charged by agencies in mainland Europe.




Delivery can be by mail, courier or e-mail as required.



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